Published in Le Monde: "Une année au cœur de l'ENA" 

In diary format, the article follows new arrivals through the entire ENA process - from selection, to integration, to stages and finally the classement.

Interesting article in Le Monde magazine about the surfeit of talent in Promotion Léopold Sédar Senghor (2004), whose high-flying members may be well on their way to outclassing the famous 1980 vintage - Promotion Voltaire!

In June 2013, the Moroccan alumni association hosted the “Conféderation des associations des anciens élevès de l’ENA” - featured in the news bulletin above. 

These annual meetings allow us to see what alumni associations elsewhere have achieved that year, and to learn from each other on utilising our networks to benefit our members and to strengthen our nations’ links with France and with each other. Ishtiaq Ghafoor (Promotion Robert Badinter) represented UK ENA, joining delegates from 19 countries. The main take-away from the meeting was that ENA has become more active in the set up of foreign alumni bodies (association agreements were formalised with Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012-13), and despite the fall in UK numbers at ENA over the last 10-15 years our association is held in esteem thanks to HMG hosting 4-5 stagiaires every year and the fact that we’ve been able to count on support from our Ambassador and his team in Paris.

Importantly, these gatherings also allow host countries to showcase their vision of governance, economic policy and administrative reform. The Ministers for Budget and the Civil Service addressed the confederation in Rabat, and the programme also included debates at the Cour des Comptes and the National Anti-Corruption Office, and visits to the new Tangiers port and a Renault factory to see the centrality of foreign direct investment to the Moroccan economy.
Please see below message from Christine Demesse, president of the main alumni association (AAEENA), with link to a short questionnaire. Grateful if you could please complete by 20 March. We'll notify you as soon as results are published. Thanks!

Questionnaire à destination de l’ensemble des anciens élèves de l’ENA
Chers camarades,
Le Bureau de notre Association a souhaité interroger l'ensemble des anciens élèves français et étrangers sur leur connaissance des services offerts par l'Association et leurs attentes.
La Commission Communication a élaboré un questionnaire, que je vous remercie de bien vouloir compléter, avant le 20 mars prochain. Ce document a été volontairement établi sur la base de questions fermées afin d'en faciliter l'exploitation.
Les résultats de cette enquête seront publiés dans la revue et disponibles sur notre Site (www.aaeena.fr).
Très cordialement,

Christine Demesse
Présidente de l'AAEENA
226, boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris
Tél. : 01 45 44 49 50
To tie in with the summer Olympics, the Institut Français is hosting "Are you game?" - a series of sports-themed cultural events.

We'll post details of upcoming seminars, debates, talks and screenings.

15 March: "Too much money in sport?" (panel discussion in English and French)
12 April: "Are hooligans offside?" (panel discussion in English and French)
9 May: "Embedded! - sport and mass media" (conference)

More details, including timing and tickets, on their website.

Not far now from the French presidential election ... and, as if on cue, out come the old photos of promotion Voltaire!

This week it's The Economist's turn: "Old school ties"

The editors have circled Ségolène Royal (but she's not running!), François Hollande and Dominique de Villepin, and noted "two fringe candidates" (ouch!) without naming them. One is Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité).

But who's the other? Answers in the comment box please...   

Those of you missing the streets of Strasbourg (or Paris, for older alumni!) and the snowy slopes of Ventron will find plenty to reminisce over in this new promotional video from ENA.

As with any piece of marketing, there's some inevitable cheesiness but on the whole ... not bad at all!

Watch l'ENA se présente
The latest batch of ENA stagiaires will arrive this month in London, so the association is planning a social event in the first week of February. All UK ENA members encouraged to join us welcome the stagiaires. Watch this space for further details.
Hello everyone. UK ENA Association enters the internet age! 

We hope this website will help us to communicate better with ENA alumni and friends of the association in the United Kingdom. We'll be adding more content so do stop by regularly. We welcome comments on the format of the website as well as your suggestions on activities, events etc. for the association.